Hi! I'm Nolan Kovacik.

I'm looking for a job in Northeast Ohio.

Why Hire Me?

I am a highly motivated individual who aspires to make improvements to whatever establishment I might become a part of. I work very well with others, and tend to think outside the norm. While I will only be available to work until August 2018, I do hope you will consider me for an internship position!

Soft Skills:

Flexibile and Adaptable
Motivated & Ethical by Nature
High-Frequency Communicator
Strong Public Speaker
Team-Oriented Thinker

Technical Skills:

Expert: Excel, Access, Sheets, basic applications
Intermediate: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Python
Apprentice: Github, SQL, Hugo, Terminal, Visual Modeling
Novice: Vue.js, SASS, SQL, Hadoop, Typescript
Other: 3D Modeling, Calculus, Differential Equations

About Me

This section is more about me as a person than as an employee, for example.


College ~ Kent State University
Major ~ Information Systems
Minor ~ Mathematics
Focus ~ Software in Business
Future ~ Holberton School


According to the Myer Brigg's personality test, I align with the I.N.F.J. catagorization. Although I am social in busy environments, I actually am an introvert. That is to say, when I get home at the end of the day, I quite enjoy the time that I have to myself. The thoughts that I have take a long time to decompress and process, and in fact, I am always the last person in a test taking room. Nevertheless, I am a stickler for high quality results, and that should reflect in the work that I do.


I take part in various organizations and events, such as HacKSU, MISA, the Robotics club, and Hackathons. Technology plays a big role in my interests, both educationally and recreationally. Since you have gotten this far on my website, I thought it would be fitting to share some more things about myself that aren't just about work.

Where I'm Headed

I will be moving to San Francisco late August, and settling in by September 4th, where I will start my technical career. I recently got accepted to Holberton School, which is a fantastic non-traditional school for aspiring developers. It teaches hands on skills for programming, which should have good synergy with the skillset which I already have. I intend to rent an apartment with my significant other, who I have been with for two years.

Things that I Like


Frances Coronel



Snow Lift



Tabletop Games



Graphics Cards

Computer Hardware




Email me at either nkovacik@kent.edu or noltron000@gmail.com, or simply fill out the contact form below.